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Air conditioning is a fundamental part of being able to comfortably live in any area of the country, but especially southern United States and then especially in an area like The Woodlands and other surrounding areas of the general Houston – The Woodlands metropolitan area. A summer without a functional air conditioning system in your home can easily be one of the most brutal experiences in a person’s home life and can make that whole part of the year to be a miserable experience for a given person or family that must suffer in those conditions, not even counting other miscellaneous days on which you may desire the functionality of an air conditioning system. The temperature in these areas can easily and regularly reach levels of 90 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit or over in the hottest and even moderate times of the summer and, in extreme conditions, these types of climates can be potentially life-threatening if there is no proper ventilation system, especially if vulnerable people live in the household, like babies and children or the elderly. If you are looking for a reliable HVAC contractor, contact us today!

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HVAC Repair and Installation in The Woodlands, TX

There are two main types of air conditioning systems that could be considered when browsing for what system to install in a home or when a replacement system is needed: central AC, which is ducted, and ductless AC systems. Both types are pretty efficient, so it mainly depends on which system has the most features and qualities that you would prefer and the size of the area that you want to ventilate. The best ductless systems currently rank higher for potential energy efficiency than the best-ducted systems, but unless consumers’ situations fit into certain criteria, ductless is likely not the best choice. We have separate pages here on our website on which is provided finely detailed explanations of the aspects of both types of systems so you can further consider your options and make an educated and confident decision, but the general consensus is that if your space is any larger than 2000 to 2500 feet, it is best to just move forward with the installation of a central system, as the price for ductless installation can vastly increase if more than one indoor unit is needed.

Another important concern to consumers is the amount of time that any of our offered services could take. While any average repair will take only a few short hours, installation of a new system could take many hours longer or could require that the job needs over two working days or so for completion, depending on the circumstances of each specific job. For example, the replacement of a compressor could take anywhere from about four to six hours.

After inquiry, we will send one or two technicians out to your home or building to perform an inspection. This inspection is mainly reviewing the job that you are requesting, the components that will be worked on, and determining the ventilation flow through your home, and determining if there is any damage to the infrastructure of the home that would hinder the job process. Our team of maintenance workers ranges from workers who have many years of experience to workers who are currently being trained and taught by our experienced workers to be of the standards from which we expect our experienced workers to be. You can rest assured that our team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced about this field of work and that your home will feel even better than before our team has done any work on your house.

Trust the HVAC pros to ensure your air conditioner stays maintained in order to avoid costly repairs.

When should I replace my air conditioning unit?

Something to consider when browsing for HVAC contractor options related to air conditioning is how long that an air conditioning system and its individual components will typically last in your living area. In the case of our local area, even regarding the extreme temperatures of summers in Texas, a brand new air conditioning system should last about ten to fifteen years from the time of installation, if it is properly maintained and kept in a good condition. The life span of a coil almost perfectly matches the life span of the air conditioner itself while the life span of the fan motor is about the same when regularly maintained. If the fan motor is never maintained, it is expected to last about one to three years before a replacement is required.

As a side note, our company also provides services for furnaces and boilers that may be installed in your home. While The Woodlands and the surrounding areas typically do not have much use for a furnace or boiler like anywhere else more North (as temperatures are rarely below freezing in this region), they can still be necessary in times that the temperature does become much lower and most homes have a furnace or boiler installed already, although only sometimes, southern Texas homes may only have a heat pump installed. Even though the wintertime in southern Texas is not like anywhere more North of our service area, there are still certain days and nights in the wintertime that will make home heating necessary to maintain comfort for your household. We have more detailed descriptions about common problems with furnaces and boilers and their repair options on the respective pages.

Trust the HVAC Contracting experts with any commercial or residential HVAC installation or repairs

HVAC Contractor and Installation in Houston, Texas

Our service area is mainly focused on The Woodlands area (as that is where our company is based), but we also provide service to many of The Woodlands’ surrounding areas, including Spring, Tomball, Jersey Village, Conroe, Humble, Cypress, Katy, and into some of Houston, so chances are that if you live within a distance that is quite far from The Woodlands, but still in the general metropolitan area, we are still able to offer and provide our services. This is important because, not only does it increase our potential customer base, we aim to always be the number one air conditioning and thermal services company in the area and we believe that every household deserves a proper cooling system during the painstakingly hot summer months in Texas so that families can continue to live comfortably.

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