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Are you in need of an entirely new air conditioning system for your home? Are you wanting to upgrade or did your previous one break and you need a new one before the brutal summer months make their return? We have your back. Our technicians will determine, from the layout and size of your home, the proper air conditioning system for your home that will provide the perfect amount of cooling for you and your family, along with other aspects (such as how much noise that the system will produce) and with the installation of a new system and with proper care and maintenance for it, your air conditioning system should last about ten to fifteen years. A new AC installation is typically done with one or two of our skilled HVAC technicians and can be performed fairly quickly. It’s important to know that an air conditioner is a heavy piece of equipment, and it can be extremely difficult for just one worker to carry this device. Let our HVAC Contractors handle it!
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A professional technician understands how to work with the compliance codes of different areas, and they’re trained in all the safety procedures that go along with needing to work around electricity. Hiring an unlicensed contractor can come with unexpected consequences like poorly installed equipment or unforeseen malfunctions with your system.
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There are two types of air conditioning units that could be used, depending on your home and the priorities which concern the device. The first type, ducted air conditioners, is the best for when you would like to control the temperatures in individual rooms or areas. The second type, split-system air conditioning (ductless AC), is best for when you need to cool only an area that may be the same size as a few average bedrooms. While both are efficient enough, we have more finely detailed descriptions available here on our website for you to read and decide which system is right for you!

Installation of ductless systems ranges quite a lot, but the average is about $2500 – $4000 for a fresh install while some of the highest efficacy rated devices could run to $7000 or even well over that amount. Central systems have an average price range of $3000 to $7000 for a fresh installation, but that could be significantly reduced if the job can be done by replacing multiple components instead of installation of an entirely new system.

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Your product warranty may be affected if you install your own system. Warranties on home heating and cooling items typically only cover installation by authorized professionals who meet strict specifications outlined through their trade organization memberships. Contact The Woodlands AC Repair today to ensure your HVAC installation is warrantied and installed correctly!

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Annual maintenance service from a pro will keep your air conditioning and heating working at top efficiency. Dehumidifying equipment needs to be serviced every year by certified technicians. A clogged condensate drain reduces the ability of a system to control humidity and can lead to poor indoor air quality or high mold growth rates. Heat exchangers in furnaces need to be flushed out periodically, as well as drain lines for all ground loop equipment, boiler fans, and main water supply lines. Dirty filters choke off airflow, causing the pressure switch, which regulates blower speed, to cycle on and off too frequently or inadequately.

Whether you decide to choose a ducted or a split-system air conditioning system, the most crucial element to ensure effectiveness is the installation of the system. Many AC unit manufacturers only offer warranty protection over HVAC systems if a licensed professional handles the installation. Our technicians are very well-trained and experienced in all types of maintenance and installations for both residential and commercial properties so you can be rest assured that your installation will be done with much care so that we can ensure no extra work will be needed and that your household will be ecstatically pleased with our service.

How long do air conditioners last?

A building’s air conditioning system typically lasts for a decade or two with regular maintenance before major components need replacing. That said, all AC units lose efficiency over time and most central AC systems will still work at efficient coolness even after 10 years. This is because the unit is designed to stall power when its output is exceeded by the load, which means that it will not overwork itself but instead shut down before blowing hot air and wasting electricity. The need for replacing an AC unit will usually arise when the nest material becomes dirty or saturated and blocked off with water. This blockade can result in overheating within the coil which causes undue stress on its internal parts, particularly the compressor. The solution to this problem is simple—replace it. Losing an investment like an AC unit prematurely should be taken seriously because it could lead to serious strain on your finances, which can be avoided by taking basic preventative measures. Proper venting also impacts longevity so check with our team of HVAC experts at The Woodlands AC Repair for tips on how to invest in quality equipment in order to maximize performance over time!

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