AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance in The Woodlands, TX

After installing your new air conditioning system or if you have owned one for quite some time, it should be noted that regular maintenance will be required for upkeep. While some maintenance and upkeep could be done yourself, like changing or cleaning your home’s air filters, there are other jobs that will require a professional. Our HVAC contractor experts are able to help with any of your AC repair needs. A few examples of routine maintenance that will inevitably be necessary are to clean the air conditioner’s coils, remove any debris from the unit that may have been caught in there through routine use, and straighten the coil fins. Those three examples are good examples of scenarios that are caused by intrusions (dirt, grass clippings, leaves, etc) that can ultimately interrupt or block/bend the airflow and reduce the effectiveness of your system.

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Keeping an AC unit maintained is essential to its survival. Not only will it save you money on your energy bills, but it will also prolong the life of the unit. The most effective way to maintain an AC unit is by changing the filters monthly, having our technicians do checkups on all HVAC systems, including boilers, heating repair, and air conditioners, for any leaks or other issues every year, and doing regular filter cleanings during dryer months to keep all of your ducts dust-free.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in The Woodlands

Sometimes, the maintenance that will be required is to repair or replace components that can unfortunately and suddenly break or malfunction. This happens with everything from water heaters and furnaces to full-scale commercial HVAC systems. Components can be expensive, but it is better to purchase and install the new parts as soon as possible because certain components being malfunctioned can put other components at risk of malfunction, thus increasing the price for maintenance or repair. As an example, if the fan motor on the air conditioning system were to break and a replacement was required, the best estimate of the cost is anywhere from $300 – $600. There are many signs of a fan motor being bad and some signs are not enough to indicate fan motor issues, so it is best to check that one before assuming. Though the replacement seems expensive, it is best to replace the fan motor as soon as possible, since if the air conditioning system is working without a fan motor, the next likely component to break is the compressor. The compressor can possibly cost up to $2000 for replacement, so it is best to just replace that fan motor. While air conditioners can experience refrigerant leaks, if the system is properly maintained, it should never really be necessary to add Freon. A more expensive replacement is to replace the outside unit. The price varies widely, depending on many factors, but the estimate on the low end is $2500 while the high end could easily be about $5000 or nearly $6000. Finally, if the desire is to put in central air, the cost can range from about $3000 and possibly over $7000.

The Woodlands AC Repair employee performing AC maintenance for residential homeowner in The Woodlands, TX

It’s easy to forget how hard your air conditioner has been working. Investment in an energy-efficient AC unit is one of the single best decisions that one can make as a homeowner. You pay for it once, but reap the benefits year after year. Have your HVAC professional switch or clean the air filter every 3 months, and you’ll be saving as much money as possible in the long run.

The Woodlands AC maintenance and repair

After any maintenance or replacements have been performed, it is recommended that an air conditioner sits for about thirty minutes before turning on the power because that provides enough time that all fluids can settle. Turning on the power too soon can potentially cause damage to the entire air conditioner. Many customers are not aware of important factors such as this, which is why we are committed to providing expert guidance for our customers, to ensure that things are done efficiently, and right the first time. Our experienced technicians will be able to swiftly perform maintenance or replacements so that time spent without AC is minimal, and you can quickly enjoy your new and improved system. 

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

If the air coming out of the AC is warm to the touch, it means there is a problem with cooling and dehumidifying (condensing) your indoor air. The most common issue is low refrigerant. This can be due to an evaporator leak or because there’s not enough refrigerant inside the unit to cool down your home. If you turn on your bathroom fan and feel any warmth from that, then you probably need a new AC compressor. Keeping up with preventative maintenance like changing the air filters, getting your insulation checked, and making sure the thermostat is accurate can help keep your A/C running efficiently for longer. Our qualified HVAC contractors will make sure everything from the condenser coils to switches and breakers are in good working order and ready for the hot summer months. If we discover that some parts need repairing or replacing we’ll install them and perform any needed tune-ups on any other components before we finish.

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