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Imagine a scenario where you are sitting in your house and enjoying yourself in the middle of July and you are having the best summer of your life. Suddenly, you hear the air conditioning system come to a very blatant halt and your house begins to get hotter than it was before. You realize that your air conditioning system has just malfunctioned and as this realization hits, the heatwave of a failing air conditioning very quickly starts to fill the entire house. While the instinct to panic could be present in this situation and while it could be very uncomfortable, remember to not panic because the problem with your air conditioning is most likely a common one that our HVAC technicians need to address, especially if it’s in the summertime, as these problems tend to happen much more in the time of maximum use.
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An air conditioner’s efficiency and even the seal of its refrigerant require regular maintenance. That said, if your unit is deficient in any way, you should call a professional technician who will repair or replace your unit as needed. A faulty AC unit may cost you more money to try and repair than it would to replace it. Contact The Woodlands AC Repair today to ensure your HVAC system is properly maintained.

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One common problem is refrigerant leaking from your air conditioner. Air conditioners contain refrigerant releasing heat from the air to cool it and this allows the system to run efficiently. Air conditioners are charged with refrigerant upon installation and a poor charge or a leak can cause the system’s refrigerant level to fall below the proper amount and, thus, malfunction. Any technician who works on your air conditioner should ensure that your system is charged with the proper amount of refrigerant. The proper amount should be specified by the manufacturer of the air conditioner so that you and your technician know how much charge there should be to ensure accurate and efficient performance. ​Another common problem is drainage issues with the condensation that the air conditioning system produces. Normally, the condensation flows away from the system or drains through the connected lines or into a drip tray, which keeps the system running. However and for example, if one component experiences a clog or if the outdoor humidity levels are very high, excess moisture from condensation that was not able to be filtered can start to form in the air conditioner and that can cause problems. Immediately, the indoor humidity levels will increase. Slowly but surely, your air conditioning system will begin to experience problems and its components could be at risk of malfunctioning, as well. A technician should be able to inspect the drip tray and drain lines to check for any leaks and the technician should also treat your system to prevent any possible algae growth, as algae will cause future clogs, if not remedied. If the problem has escalated and there is actual damage to any part of the air conditioner, we can provide an estimated quote to give the closest idea as to what the job could cost to replace the damaged parts.

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The simplest way to avoid having your AC break down is to clean it regularly. Get in the habit of vacuuming the filter once every week. If you need more help, contact The Woodlands AC Repair and our team of professional technicians for bi-yearly maintenance checks. An AC should last for at least ten years when it is properly maintained!

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A problem that can occur with the outside part of your air conditioning system is that the compressor fan could malfunction, which would cause major problems with the heat transfer process. Your house will not be properly cooled and, because fans work to cool components and that specific fan is for the compressor, you could expect that your compressor will overheat. While this is not likely to break your entire system immediately, overheating could possibly trigger an automatic response to shut off the air conditioner’s power. If the compressor is further damaged, the light repair could be required or the compressor may need to be replaced. A technician will be able to assess any damage to the fan and to any parts. The fan may or may not require replacement. An estimated quote will be given if there is further damage that requires more service than a simple fan repair.

A final problem that can occur with the outside unit of your air conditioning system is that the coils can freeze if there is poor airflow. Typically, something simple like dirty filters or blocked ducts could be the issue. Another possible problem could be low refrigerant, which would require a charge. Our technicians can diagnose the issue and thaw the coil and address any further issues to restore your home’s cooled environment. The cost of AC repair can range widely, but generally, expect the range of $200 to $1000 for most routine repair jobs. Our technicians are very knowledgeable in this field and air conditioning is our main task, so your home will be well taken care of.

What do I do if my AC isn’t blowing cold air?

Turn off the breaker for your AC unit, disconnect the pipes where they go into the condenser on top of the outside of your house, check if water is dripping out. If there’s no water dripping out, you either have a bad compressor inside your HVAC system, a faulty thermostat inside your house, or something else related to how coolant circulates. A leaking or disconnected hose can also cause your AC to stop blowing cold air. If it is indeed just a disconnection of hoses that are causing this problem then all you’ll need to do is reconnect them and turn on the power again. There could be a few reasons why your AC isn’t blowing cold air from any or all rooms. It could be due to insulation problems if the running times have been or an extended period of time, or even an issue with a clogged duct or air filter. If you are having issues with your air conditioner blowing cold air, then please contact The Woodlands AC Repair and speak with our HVAC experts regarding AC repair and inspections.

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