Water Heater & Furnace Repair

Water Heater & Furnace Repair

‚ÄčHot water heaters are easily some of the largest sources of energy expense for most people. Hot water heaters make many tasks much more convenient and livable since they are responsible for the heating of water for showers, dishwashers, and any other appliance that provides an option for temperature adjustment. They are also responsible for space heating, which keeps homes warm during a cold environment, though that aspect would not be a major concern to most of the locals around The Woodlands, since there are not too many extremely cold days. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to have a functional and efficient setup because we should all be prepared. Your water heater is powered by either natural gas or electricity, depending on what is available in your area and on what is more affordable.

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A water heater is a device that stores hot water in order to provide heating for showers, baths, dish-washing machines, and clothes washing machines. It does this by heating up water quickly in a separate tank when you need it. There is usually one temperature setting with newer models where the temperature depends on how many people are currently using hot water. Furnaces are also sometimes called “water heaters”. Water heaters that use natural gas are most common among homeowners because the cost of fuel for these is inexpensive compared to electricity or oil.

Water Heater Repair in The Woodlands

Most homes are fitted with a tank-based water heater, but tankless water heaters can also be acquired, which are notoriously vastly more energy-efficient, take up far less space, and will save much money on water and energy costs, in the long run. While all hot water heaters have an average lifespan of about ten years, maintenance checks are encouraged to ensure that efficiency is at the maximum. Unfortunately, many homeowners never bother to even check anything on their water heater until there is a major problem and then they need to call a technician for a possible repair. One common problem can be leaking, either from the top or from the bottom of the water heater. These usually require only very simple repairs, if you call a technician, but it never hurts to check and make sure that everything is tightened since any loose valves or parts can cause a slight leak as well. Another common issue is that there is no hot water or not enough water is being heated. These issues can usually be attributed to either some problem with the heating element or the thermostat. While you can do basic checks, such as checking the thermostat settings, it is likely that most people will need to call a technician by this time. It is also important to know that if water takes too long to reheat and if any strange or loud noises start to be produced from the hot water heater. In the case of either of these two, it is recommended to call a technician immediately.

The most typical issue you should look out for is the buildup of sediment and mineral deposits. Continuous usage and years or decades can lead to a small, invisible layer near the bottom of your water heater that contains these minerals and other compounds from hard water. These layered crusts cause the inner workings to be more clogged with sediment, thus not being as effective as it otherwise could be. If these deposits grow too large, they create a natural blockage in the flow of heated water throughout your home. In order to avoid this problem, one can have their tank flushed every few years

Furnace Repair in The Woodlands

While furnaces are not so much of a concern to the Woodlands and surrounding areas, as temperatures rarely go below the freezing level, some homes are still equipped with them. Many of the problems are very similar to the ones presented by hot water heaters and can often be attributed to the same reasons, such as thermostats and heating elements. While it is best to call a technician in these situations, another common problem is that the furnace can prematurely shut off. The culprit of this is usually that the system was put under too much stress, but it could also mean that there is an obstruction in airflow, bad filters, or other problems. Some of these can be checked by the average consumer before calling a technician, but if something like a gas burner or a blower motor needs to be repaired, then calling a technician will be very necessary to ensure that the job is done precisely and safely. The cost for maintenance on a hot water heater can widely vary, but the general range is about $200 – $1000, depending on the job. Furnace maintenance costs vary much more and it depends on if the furnace is electrical- or gas-powered. Typical repairs for an electric furnace can be $300 or lower while the typical repairs for a gas furnace can range from about $400 to about $1300 because gas furnaces are much more complex to service.

All in all,   Hot water heaters and furnaces can be relatively more dangerous to work on if one is not a professionally trained technician for these appliances. If you experience any problems beyond a simple loose component, error in setting the thermostat, or if you give a couple of hours to ensure that the system was not under too much stress and no recovery is seen, it is strongly recommended to call a technician so the problem can be resolved and our highly-trained technicians can ensure that you and your family will remain comfortable and warm throughout the year. The Woodlands AC Repair is equipped and knows how to navigate repairing water heaters with ease, so contact us today!

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