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​While we live in Texas and the status of our air conditioners is vital to our ability to live comfortably during the summer, heating systems are usually in houses across Texas and some winters can still reach a reasonably cold temperature, making the installation of a heater to be a really nice luxury. Although, heating systems can also require repair from time to time, just like air conditioners.

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There are many components of a heating system that can fail, and the process for diagnosing and repairing them is different. You can check and see if there’s water dripping from anywhere which would indicate a hydro lock. There may be rust visible on enclosed parts where thermal-shock vibration has caused insulation breakdowns, so it’s important to check inside as well as outside of exposed pipes. That is why it is important to contact our HVAC technicians at The Woodlands AC Repair to schedule an inspection and routine maintenance so that these problems can be detected, fixed, and eventually avoided. Contact us today!

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A very common small problem is that the furnace can stop turning off and on. The easiest place to check for the culprit of this issue is in the air filters. The air filter may need to be cleaned or replaced. If this does not remedy the issue, another likely culprit is the thermostat, which may need to be replaced. If neither of those components is the issue, it is likely that a technician could be required in order to further investigate. If there is no air coming out at all and a check of the power does not yield any easy solution, possible problems could be a blown motor, the pilot light could be disabled, or the thermostat could require maintenance or replacement.

​If your heating system is working, but cold air is being dispensed, you should first check your thermostat to possibly rule out a simpler issue. The heating system could also have experienced overheating. The best way to check before calling for maintenance on your heating system is to simply check and clean the air filters and then let your heating system run for a few hours. If the problem has not been cleared, it is time to call for a maintenance check. A related problem to cold air is that your heating system could be dispensing hot air to certain spots while cold air could be dispensed in other spots of the house. This can also be caused by dirty filters, but could also be caused by a dirty coil. Routine maintenance may be needed, especially if it has not happened recently. Also, if it is known that the system is aging and depending on the age and the problem, it could escalate to requiring a replacement of the system.

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The furnace can use gas or electricity for fuel, depending on what needs to be provided. The repair and installation of these devices should be left to a professional. The Woodlands AC Repair is a team of licensed professionals capable of repairing furnace heaters for homeowners and commercial businesses of any size. Our heating repair services encompass all heating devices that buildings may use, no matter how large or how small. Contact our team of HVAC experts today!

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Heater Repair in The Woodlands, TX

It is also important to notice you notice that your energy costs are rising even though your use habits have not shifted, the problem is likely in the furnace or the filters could be dirty, blocking airflow. If the filters are not a problem, a call for service to your heating system is probably required. If louder noises are suddenly heard, a likely culprit is that a nut or bolt has come loose, but in a situation like this, it is usually best to just immediately call for maintenance. If the fan is continuously running and a quick check of the thermostat does not yield any human error in its settings, the problem is likely in the fan limit switch. In this case, a call for a technician’s service is most likely necessary.

Maintenance costs can vary much more and it depends on if the heating system is powered by electricity or natural gas. Typical repairs for an electrical system can be possibly less than $200 and not much more than $500 while the repairs for a gas system can range from about $300 to about $1200. ​While these are the most common immediate issues, there is limited work or checks that an average consumer can perform. Our technicians will be able to diagnose and remedy any issue so that a comfortable temperature can be maintained in your home once again. Heating is important in the functionality of a typical air conditioning system, as the balance is needed to maintain the temperature that you and your family can thrive, especially in times when the outside temperature is not ideal.

What to do when your heating stops working

The first thing to ensure is that your heater is indeed turned on and not just set too high. Depending on the type of heater you have, turn it off and unplug if necessary. Check for any obvious mechanical problems such as a lint-clogged filter or clogged air intake ducts, or possible electrical problems like an overloaded circuit. If all the heaters in your home aren’t working, flip every breaker off, then back on one at a time until you find the faulty circuit(s). In some homes, there will be current protection that trips when too much power runs through it. You might have three or four breakers that need resetting before they’ll turn the power back on again. If there’s nothing wrong with the actual heating system and the problem persists, contact The Woodlands AC Repair immediately for an inspection.

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